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Ja'rel Nathan

Entry Level Web Developer

Rockville, MD


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About Me

I am a hardworking, motivated, and self-starting individual.

Individual Web Development Goals

To become a full-time Front End Web Developer, by gaining knowledge in the following skill sets:

  • HTML5: My goal is to gain knowledge to structure and present content.
  • CSS3: My goal is to learn to define and apply rules for styling webpages.
  • Javascript: My goal is to add functionality to web pages.
  • JQuery: My goal is to use Jquery libraries to simply Javascript.
  • XML: My goal is to efficentially define plain text tags for storing and transporting data.
  • JSON: My goal is to use JSON as a Javascript alternative for less coding and faster processing
  • AJAX: My goal is to update web pages without reloading the page.
  • RWD: My goal is to make webpages adaptable to different devices.

Front-End Certification Course Work

Certification Course Course Outcomes Course Exercises
HTML5 Icon I learned to use HTML5 for creating and structuring webpages that contain images, links and tables. HTML5 Exercises
CSS3 Icon I learned that CSS3 is the latest version of Cascading Style Sheets and is used to add the look and style to documents written in markup languages. Styles can be inserted into the head section, inline with HTML tags, or linked via a separate style sheet. CSS3 Exercises
JavaScript Icon I learned that Javascript is a programming language for adding interactive behaviors to web pages to engage users. Some examples of interactivity I learned are mouse over events, alert windows, slide shows, and forms. JavaScript Exercises
JQuery Icon I learned to use JQuery to add image plug-ins, collapsable menu's, and simplified Javascript.   JQuery Exercises
XML Icon I learned to use XML to create my own tags in order to build my own musical playlist. XML Exercises
JSON Icon I learned to use JSON in order to build objects and array calls. JSON Exercises
AJAX Icon I learned to use AJAX to create fadeouts and change dataspeeds in images within the Flickr application.       AJAX Exercises
RWD Icon I learned RWD is a design approach that allows web pages and websites to to display properly on all devices by automatically adapting to screen sizes. RWD Exercises

Prospective Employers

Company: Money Map Press
Position: Junior HTML CSS Production Specialist

Company: Revature
Position: Junior CSS/HTML Developer

Company: Alexander & Tom
Position: Front End Web Developer

Work Experience

General Clerk I / FDA
Oct 2020 - Current

Conduct the digitazation process of converting government personnel files to electronic form by scanning into FDA's computerized system.

Customer Service Manager / Mayorga Organics
Oct 2016 - May 2019

Marketed and maintained product inventory via Amazon Seller Central and received and fullfilled customer orders. Resolved daily customer complaints and/or issues regarding service or company products, via telephone and/or email.

Roadshow Manager / Mayorga Organics
Dec 2015 - Sep 2016

Responsible for roadshow event set ups, budget, supply acquisition, and product inventory. Trained a sales team of up to six roadshow brand ambassadors.


Montgomery College
Sep 2021 - Jan 2022

Front End Web Development Certification

Montgomery College
2009 - 2011

General Studies

Watkins Mill High School
2005- 2009