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Web Development

I design and develop custome, stylish, and modern websites.

Local SEO

Dominate the competition in your local area with Local SEO Services.

Site Speed

To improve the user experience, we offer our site speed optimization service.

WordPress Development

Full-service WordPress web development company in Washington DC.

Social Media

One-stop solution for all your social media needs, from marketing to daily updates.


Do you want to rank higher on Google? I'm here for you!

About Me

My Coding Skiils

01- HTML
02- CSS
03- Java Script
04- jQuery
05- XML
06- AJAX
07- RWD

My Learning

Here is a little overview of what I've learned so far. It's been a lot to take in, but I'm really enjoying it.
I can't wait to learn more and put my new skills to work.


I learned that HTML5 is the latest revision of the Hypertext Markup Language, the code used to create web pages. HTML5 is designed to be independent of any particular browser or device. It includes new features like video playback, drag-and-drop, as well as enhancements to existing features like forms and tables.


I learned how to use CSS 3 to simplify the visual design. CSS 3 lets you control the look and feel of every element on a web page without having to use images or JavaScript. For example, you can now use gradients, shadows, and rounded corners without having to create separate images or files.


I also learned about JavaScript, a programming language that lets you add interactivity to your web pages. With JavaScript, you can create animations, make things happen when users click on buttons or links, and much more.


I also learned about XML (eXtensible Markup Language), a language for describing data. XML is used to create and exchange data between different applications, and it’s the foundation of the modern web.


I learned about jQuery, an open-source JavaScript library that makes it easy to manipulate web pages using CSS selectors. It’s rapidly becoming the standard way of working with HTML5 and AJAX.


AJAX is a type of JavaScript that allows you to update parts of a page without having to reload the whole thing. All modern web browsers support AJAX in some form or another, so web pages can be much more responsive.


I learned that JSON (JavaScript Object Notation) is a way of representing data in JavaScript. It’s easy to read and write, and it’s become the standard way of exchanging data between web browsers and servers.

Responsive Web Design

I learned about RWD for creating websites that look good on all devices, from smartphones to large desktop monitors. With RWD, you can create one website that automatically adapts to the size of the screen it’s being displayed on.

Prospective Employment


Front End Developer

Holocaust Memorial Museum

Front-End Developer

GD Information Technology

Web Designer/Developer/SEO

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